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Loggerhead Shrike in Tennessee: A species focus at a landscape scale

The Loggerhead Shrike, along with many other grassland bird species, has been declining rapidly having lost an estimated 74% of its population between 1970-2014. The 2016 Partners in Flight Landbird Conservation Plan identifies the Loggerhead Shrike as a "common grassland species in steep decline," with a possibility that its numbers could be halved in approximately the next 25 years without significant action.

The Loggerhead Shrike is also identified as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the 2015 Tennessee State Wildlife Action Plan, making it a priority for conservation. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is participating in the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Working Group, which was formed in 2013 and is composed of many state, federal and non-government entities.

The Shrike Working Group has identified research, conservation, and management priorities in the soon-to-be-finalized Loggerhead Shrike Conservation Action Plan. Among these priorities is implementation of a collaborative Loggerhead Shrike trapping and banding project across the species' breeding and wintering range in the southeast United States.

Read or download the full Loggerhead Shrike article.

For an excellent 20-minute film that provides insight into shrike behavior, view "The Loggerhead Shrike" on vimeo by Larry E. McPherson.

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