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Join the TWRA Wildlife Action Network

TWRA Wildlife Action Network (also known as the Tennessee Teaming with Wildlife Coalition)
Led by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the TWRA Wildlife Action Network here includes wildlife biologists, hunters & anglers, birdwatchers, hikers, nature-based businesses and other conservationists.

Tennessee's Diverse Lands, Waters, and Wildlife
Tennessee's habitats range from the wetlands and bottomland hardwoods of western Tennessee, cedar glade and grassland barrens of middle Tennessee to the high elevation spruce-fir forests of the mountainous east. Over 300 species of birds, 77 amphibians, 55 reptiles and 77 mammals use habitats within Tennessee. The diversity of aquatic habitats supports an unparalleled array of aquatic species. Seventy-six species of crayfish, 99 species of aquatic snails, 130 species of freshwater mussels and over 325 species of fish all call Tennessee home.

Tennessee's new Wildlife Action Plan identified 37 different sources of stress that could potentially put this fabulous wildlife heritage at risk. In particular, incompatible land use practices often result in erosion, water quality degradation and loss of terrestrial and aquatic habitat. Fortunately, if we invest in the Tennessee Wildlife Action Plan today, we can conserve wildlife and vital natural areas for future generations.

A Powerful Coalition to Conserve our Wildlife Heritage
More than 100 organizations and businesses from across Tennessee have come together to spread the word about the Tennessee Wildlife Action Plan and to secure the funding it needs for success. YOU CAN HELP by joining the coalition, engaging organizations in your community and urging our elected officials to support the federal State Wildlife Grants Program and legislation providing long-term, dedicated funding for wildlife conservation and related education and recreation.

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